Remove the responsibility from your rooms and entrust your medico-legal consulting to Medilaw.

Medilaw is owned and represented by practicing Specialists. Our firm has many years experience in the industry, having facilitated over 100,000 reports, expanded regionally and we have been awarded numerous government and insurance firm tenders. 

We work hard to ensure your schedules are full and access to your work is available with digital ease from any location through our digital platform, Medilink. With the addition of new consulting locations in the Northern Territory, Victoria,Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory the opportunity also exists for some medico-legal tourism if you are interested in a trip away. 

Medilaw is an ISO Certified health provider as an external benchmark and the first to introduce this in Australia.

The Medilaw Advantage

  • Additional revenue to supplement your income
  • Flexibility to schedule appointments to accommodate your external commitments
  • Reduction of practice overheads with end to end management of cases from appointment to report dispatch
  • Manage the flow of correspondence and documents and transcription electronically through our secure intranet Medilink
  • Provide quality management to ensure all reports conform to a consistently high standard 
  • Contemporary, comfortable and secure consulting rooms where you are provided with refreshments and lunch 
  • Monthly invoicing service: supply your billable hours and we will raise an invoice on your behalf with no bad debts

Education and Professional Development Opportunities

  • Quarterly peer reviews 
  • Monthly client feedback through survey sampling
  • Speaking opportunities as part of Medilaw’s monthly Breakfast Seminar Series
  • Notification of professional development opportunities and conferences
  • ABIME certification and training opportunities
  • Communication of legislative changes and requirements

Please contact Christine Richards on 07 3832 6363 to express your interest in becoming a Medilaw Consultant. 

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23 July 2018

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