Medilaw NSW Announcement

Our History

For over two years now, following the acquisition of MLO, Medilaw Group has had two strong providers in NSW. That’s meant two brands (AMLG and MLO), two teams, two processes, two of everything. That made sense until now… after all, choice can be good.


Transitioning to Medilaw

As we look to our future, and yours, we know that we can now provide an even stronger service to you by combining the best of both our NSW providers. AMLG and MLO will both become known as Medilaw from 1 September 2021. Between now and September we’ll be transitioning and streamlining our ‘behind the scenes’ processes, to ensure you can access everything you loved about AMLG and MLO services while improving them even more.


What this means for you

Joining forces as Medilaw means we can:

  • Provide you with streamlined access to an even broader group of specialists
  • Provide you with live access to doctor schedules via our new booking portal
  • Extend our customer educational programs and informative webinars


Business as usual

There’s a lot we will continue to do. We will always work to meet your reporting needs. We will continue to provide flexible telehealth options to meet client and customer requirements. And we will continue to innovate to meet your needs and work hand-in-hand with you to solve problems.

You will be dealing with the same great people too.


What’s next as we head towards 1 September

In coming weeks, we will communicate all the necessary information about the transition, including ABNs, bank details, website etc. Please reach out to our National Account and Marketing Manager Kylie Gould, at with any queries.

This transition sees us build on the strength of Medilaw Group, and the broader MedHealth family, to support clients and customers with better outcomes, a balanced opinion and a way forward.