What should I wear to the assessment?

Please wear comfortable, loose clothing so the doctor can access your injured body part. It’s a good idea to wear undergarments to the appointment. Gowns are available.

Who can be in the room?

You are welcome to bring a family member or friend with you to the assessment, and depending on the doctor they may be able to sit in during your assessment. However, the person accompanying you cannot participate in the interview/history taking unless specifically requested for information by the specialist. You can also request a chaperone during your examination if you wish.

Can I bring children with me?

If you bring children with you please try and bring someone to look after them in the waiting area. This will allow the doctor to concentrate on your examination and what you are saying to him/her.

Helpful info flyer

Want further information?

Please download our helpful information sheet which provides more detail on what to expect on the day of your assessment.

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