What is an independent medical assessment?

An independent medical assessment is designed to help you, and the organisation that referred you, make optimum decisions and understand ‘what’s next’ after injury or illness. The assessment is conducted by an independent Medilaw medical specialist and may involve history taking, including the circumstances leading to the injury/illness, as well as a physical examination (for non-psychiatric/psychological appointments). The resulting report is provided to the organisation that made the referral.

Who has requested that I undergo an independent medical assessment?

The independent medical assessment has been requested by your employer, insurer or legal representative in order to obtain an independent medical opinion. It is to support optimal decision making around health, rehabilitation and work.

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Will I be seeing an insurance doctor?

No. Medilaw specialists are not insurance doctors. Our medical practitioners are independent professionals who undertake reviews for various referral sources, using their expertise in providing quality medical assessments.

How long will the assessment take?

The assessment will take between 45 minutes and 1½ hours (depending on how complex your case is).

What do I wear?

Please wear comfortable, loose clothing so the doctor can access your injured body part. It’s a good idea to wear undergarments to the appointment. Gowns are available. Further information in our helpful information sheet.

What should I bring?

Please bring a form of photo ID to the assessment so that we can identify you. Also bring along any x-rays, scans or MRI films and reports that you have (this doesn’t apply for psychiatric or psychological appointments). If you cannot get these easily or no longer have them, that is okay. We will ask you to sign a consent form before the assessment proceeds.

How do you look after my privacy?

We take your privacy seriously. View our privacy policy for full details.

How long does it take to provide the assessment report to the referrer?

Your specialist will put together a report using the results of your examination, as well as your history and any other supporting documentation. The report is provided to the referrer around 10-15 business days after your appointment.

Can I obtain a copy of the report?

You can request a copy of the report from the person or company who referred you to us. Please allow 2-3 weeks following your review for the report to arrive. A copy of your report is also available to you under the provisions of the Privacy Act.

What is Permanent Impairment Assessment / permanent disability?

This is an assessment completed once you have reached maximum medical improvement (that is, you are unlikely to improve further over the next 12 months). The doctor assesses your impairment based on very specific instructions and criteria.

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Want further information?

Please download our helpful information sheet which provides more detail on what to expect on the day of your assessment.