Second opinion service

Seeking a second opinion can provide valuable information for those facing a medical diagnosis that impacts their quality of life.

Medilaw’s second opinion service can provide confirmation of a diagnosis and treatment plans provided by the treating specialist, leading to greater reassurance and comfort when making decisions about health and wellness.

Following permission from the individual, the service will provide a confidential and thorough review of medical records, pathology and scan results completed by an expert medical specialist.

The aim is to clarify a diagnosis and provide evidence-based medical guidance on treatment and procedural options. A comprehensive written report is provided summarising the specialist’s opinion.

The service is provided by certified, practicing specialists who live and work in Australia, and may be completed via file review, or a telehealth or face-to-face appointment.

If required, Medilaw can also facilitate a video or teleconference between the specialist and treating doctor for further clarification.

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