Medilaw has invested in leading-edge telehealth technology for the benefit of our customers and clients.

We can deliver every service, including independent medical assessments, second opinions and case reviews, via telehealth using advanced information and communication technologies.

Telehealth can be a convenient alternative to more traditional face-to-face appointments and can overcome a range of barriers, including distance, time and cost. This delivery method has also been extremely useful in providing necessary services during COVID-19.

Our team has multiple platforms available to assist with delivering telehealth assessments and will work with you on making a booking to choose the right one for your needs.


At the time of booking we take into consideration:

Your client’s access to, and type of, appropriate technology

The need for interpreters (phone vs face to face)

Any social distancing requirements or need to isolate

Reporting on Telehealth IMEs in Australia

In April 2020, our parent company MedHealth published this white paper on our approach to TeleIMEs, covering information on the broad range of solutions all brands within MedHealth offer, including Medilaw. The paper also explored ways to make telehealth more effective.

A follow up paper was released in November 2020. This paper investigated how MedHealth’s approach to TeleIMEs works in practice, both before and during the pandemic, and surveyed stakeholders’ satisfaction with them. The paper is also based on desk research on telehealth, incorporating evidence and insights from global telehealth research.

A results snapshot from the November 2020 paper showed:

  • TeleIMEs peaked during April and May 2020
  • TeleIME bookings more than doubled, from 10% before the start of the pandemic
  • A further nine speciality areas were newly involved in TeleIMEs
Telehealth flyer


of our customers found TeleIME medical reports adequately addressed the issues posed by their letter of instruction


of our clients were satisfied with their telehealth service


of our clients were satisfied with the information provided to help them prepare for the TeleIME assessment


of all medical specialist respondents said they would comfortably offer telehealth services after COVID-19 restrictions were lifted

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If you would like to speak with us about our telehealth services, please contact Medilaw and our friendly reception team will be happy to assist you.