Our approach

At Medilaw, we have grown from boutique beginnings into an in-demand national provider of fair and considered medical opinion services that balance the needs of our customers and clients.

Along the way we have been steadfast in our commitment to retaining a streamlined structure that remains responsive and capable of providing quick access to the right medical specialist for any case.

This prudent efficiency is one of our defining features and a hallmark of our carefully crafted team of medical specialists.

Boutique quality

Our methods mean our business remains boutique in style, maintaining personal yet professional services, a culture of doctors supporting doctors and an office marked by friendly camaraderie.

Medilaw’s dedicated Consultant Liaison Officer supports our medical specialists with what they need to excel in their work, underscoring this personalised approach.

In addition, our service personnel offer quality business support to ease the administrative burden for busy medical professionals.

Technology and learning

Our agile and seamless service is reinforced by leading-edge technology that offers consultants a secure online portal for accessing consulting schedules and pre-appointment briefing documents.

Medilaw also understands the importance of continued learning opportunities, and provides regular occasions for professional networking via consultant peer review meetings, client educational seminars and professional development courses.

Join us

For further information on how to become a consultant with us please telephone Medilaw’s Consultant Liaison Officer Christine Richards on 0473 731 723 or email christine.richards@medilaw.com.au